New 5 Star Hotels

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Five Star Hotel accommodation is some of the finest in the world claiming for itself the finest locations, presenting the most spectacular views, set on the most valuable real estate and welcoming the world's most elite Guests. The New 5 Star Hotels seem to be on the increase as the number of wealthy international tourists increase as do the visiting VIP's and their demands for impeccable service, for state of the art accommodations, for top rate amenities and facilities, for gourmet cuisines, for extensive and impressive conference facilities and entertainment and relaxation facilities are met within these top of the range Hotels.

These Hotels display many images and many geographical locations from the banks of Loch Lomond in Scotland, to Scottish Islands and Castles surrounded in mists and golf courses, to the beautiful Lake District, to Shakespeare's country, Ireland lyrical songs and tales to Wales Castles and creeks, to London's monopoly board of famous Streets. The legendary Bond Street, Park Avenue, Sloan Square, its suburbs of Kensington and Hyde Park and iconic backdrops of the Houses of Parliament, MI5 and Big Ben. Romantic craggy coastline destinations of Cornwall and historic seats of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table there are just so many wonderful landscapes for the new 5 star Hotels to site their masterpieces.

Although new 5 Star hotels are described as new they need not necessarily be new in architectural design they may claim the historic mantle of ancient castles, old Baronial Halls, Manor Houses, former Parsonages, or Monasteries. Cities may boast innovative architectural designs the masterpieces of international architectural practices. Many of the elite hotels provide for their discerning client heli pads allowing privacy, naturally airport transfer is available through temperature controlled luxury cars directly to hotels entrance where luggage is transferred directly to awaiting accommodations. Entrances, lobbies and atriums are indeed impressive and may be swathed in modern design and bright colours or may be dressed with master oil paintings framed in ornate guilt frames, antique furniture sweeping staircases and chandeliers.

Some of the New 5 Star Hotels are found amongst many acres of beautiful parklands boasting their own championship golf courses, and country pursuits including horse riding, walking, hiking, shooting and fishing. Others may sit on the edge of the Thames and face years of history and London's constantly changing theatre others are more private and sit behind high walls jealously guarding their precious past and allowing only a select few to share its secrets. Whilst others overlook stormy seas towards Europe and over waters once filled with smugglers of gold and more presenting delicious views and invigorating air.

The Accommodations vary dramatically and maybe offered through private villas hosting sitting rooms, dining areas and studies, or may be found in Presidential multi roomed penthouses flowing onto private balconies with front row seats to majestic cityscapes. These spaces are individually designed by top interior designers through custom furnishings, antiques, original art, fresh flowers and highly textured fabrics. Master bedrooms surround guests in delicious comfort through signature king size beds clothed in fine linens, comforters and pillow menus.

Sensational bathrooms provide Hollywood glitter through deep bath tubs, walk in showers and vanities companioned with exclusive toiletries. The rooms combine beauty with brains through high tech gadgetry ensuring that guests maintain their demanding lifestyles, and are entertained through the latest sound systems; TV channels and on demand Movies.

Dining is an event at the New 5 Star Hotel presented through delightfully decorated restaurants under the direction of some of the world's top chefs whose menus presents international cuisines companioned with vintage wines. The New 5 Star Hotels are sure to leave a lasting impression upon the most discerning of guests and guarantee their returns again and again.